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Moving Tips

Preparing your belongings for relocation

  • Downsize. Give items to a charity, friends and family or hold a garage sale.
  • Order quality removal boxes and packing materials.
  • Start packing. This is a long job allow at least 2 weeks.
  • Label all boxes with the room they belong in at the new place.
  • List the contents of each box as you pack and stick that list on top of the box.
  • Create a special ‘move day’ bag. It should include: your keys, any prescription medicines, cheque book, tools, basic first aid kit, ID, personal phone book, toiletries, extra clothing, paper plates and cups – basically anything you need easy access to.
  • Dismantle larger furniture, or leave it for the moving professionals.
  • Put all bolts, brackets, screws etc. in a labelled and sealed bag, then stick the bag firmly to the underside (or in a drawer) of the item they belong to.
  • Drain the oil and petrol in the lawn mower and other mechanical items.
  • Backup your computer’s hard drive.
  • Organise for a rubbish removal service. A skip bin comes in handy while packing, to eliminate the bags of rubbish.
  • Drain and disassemble any waterbeds.
  • Take the garage door opener remote OUT of your car.
  • Return any DVD’s, games and or library books you may have out.
  • Use everything in the fridge before the move day or throw it out if it won’t be used.
  • Try planning meals for the last week of the move to help empty the fridge.
  • Defrost the freezer.

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